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Absolute Care Inc. Is a Personal Care Attendant Service Agency, providing in-home supports to children and adults with Developmental Disabilities throughout Northeast Louisiana (region 8). We are a small, hands-on agency focusing on the quality of the services we provide to each client. Absolute Care Inc. has vast experience supporting a diverse population. From individuals with a wide range of disabilities, to those who have mild to severe expressive behavioral challenges, we specialize in all aspects of non medical care for or individuals.

[tt_service type=”linecons” title=”” subtext=”Bathing & Personal Hygiene Assistance
Dressing & Grooming Assistance
Meal & Eating Assistance
” color_icon=”#81d742″][tt_service type=”linecons” title=”” subtext=”Rehab & Wellness Assistance
Medical Appointment Assistance
Transportation Assistance” color_icon=”#81d742″][tt_service type=”linecons” title=”” subtext=”Adult Day Care
Companion Services (Day & Night)
Mental Health Counseling” color_icon=”#81d742″]

[tt_section_header title=”Watch this video about our services” font_container_title=”text_align:center” subtext=”We are licensed to provide Personal Care Attendant Services, Supervised Independent Living, Long Term Personal Care and a host of other services.

Absolute Care is now Licensed to provide Adult Daycare services or Day Habilitation services to individuals.” font_container_desc=”text_align:center”]

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[tt_section_header title=”Why you should choose us and why we are the best decision for you” font_container_title=”text_align:center” subtext=”It doesn’t matter if you are a concerned caregiver or an older adult concerned about the well-being and independence of a disabled child, or an older, and/or disabled adult, it is never too early to start thinking about long-term care (LTC) options that may be available to you or loved ones. Absolute Care, Inc. can provide services in your home and community, depending on the level of care you need. Services will be Provided in your home.
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